Texdoc - development version - pre-0.81 instructions


On Unix, you may want to use the td-switch script (see below) to avoid these installation steps and switch easily from your system's texdoc to the development version, once you got a copy of the repository.

The following explanations use TdDev to denote the path to the directory holding the development version of texdoc. Names in all caps like VARIABLE are kpse variables; you can get their values using kpsewhich --var-value VARIABLE.

Texdoc switcher (Unix only)

Alternatively, you can skip the installation instructions above and use the td-switch script after installing this wrapper as your texdoc program (typically in ~/bin). This is the setup I use; don't forget to adapt the git_repo variable to your local configuration. Installation advice:

cd ~/bin
wget http://tug.org/texdoc/dev/pre-0.81/td-switch
# edit git_repo
wget http://tug.org/texdoc/dev/pre-0.81/texdoc
chmod +x td-switch texdoc

td-switch git activates the development version of texdoc, td-switch sys switches back to you system's version.