[Xy-pic] xypic fixes and upload to CTAN

Kristoffer H Rose krisrose at us.ibm.com
Thu May 24 02:57:12 CEST 2012

Dear Norbert,

> I am one of the maintainers of TeX Live, and at the same time also
> responsible in Debian for TeX Live. I am currently checking on
> all our patches and status, and found that with respect to xypic
> there are two discrepancies:
> * the version on CTAN is 3.8.6 which is without the font fix (3.8.7)
> * there is a bug in xyframe.tex, a typoe using \UseCurveframes@
>   instead of \UseCurveFrames@
> @@ -517,7 +517,7 @@
>  \xydef@\UseCurveFrames@{%
>   \let\circled at x@@=\xycircleframe at x@
>   \let\ellipsed at x@@=\xyellipseframe at x@ }
> -\def\UseCurveFrames{\xywithoption{curve}{\UseCurveframes@}}%
> +\def\UseCurveFrames{\xywithoption{curve}{\UseCurveFrames@}}%
>  \xydef@\UseFontFrames@{%
>   \let\circled at x@@=\circled at x@
>   \let\ellipsed at x@@=\ellipsed at x@ }
> Would it be possible for you to create an updated packages including
> this fix, and maybe others if you have them, and upload a new package
> to CTAN? Or, if you prefer, prepare a package for sourceforge and 
> I upload it for you to CTAN?

Thanks for the fix...I have bumped the version to 3.8.8 and uploaded to 
SourceForge and CTAN.


Kristoffer H Rose, ph.d. <krisrose at us.ibm.com> +1(914)784-7642 (fax -6324)
IBM T.J.Watson Research Center, PO Box 704, Yorktown Heights, NY 10598

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