[Xy-pic] Rotated frames

Mono mono at posteo.de
Sat Aug 18 17:20:54 CEST 2012


am pretty new to xy-pic. It looks to me very pretty though when it 
comes to labeling pictures that are loaded via xyimport.
i usually put some framed text somewhere and draw some arrows like 

(0.500,0.300)*+[F**:white:<3pt>]{\txt{some text}}="a";%
{\ar "a";"b"};%
\caption{some caption}

now i want the text and the frame rotated. i tried

(0.500,0.300)*+[F**:white:<3pt>][@!90]{\txt{some text}};%

but that only rotates the text. the frame remains non-rotated.

could you please give me some hint on how to rotate the frame as well?

btw, i use pdflatex to create the final pdf document.

thank you


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