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Kristoffer H Rose krisrose at us.ibm.com
Fri Apr 6 19:23:12 CEST 2012

Dear Leonardo,

> 1)I'm an italian student I'm trying to use Xy-pic for my thesis. I dont'
> know and where finding  the driver for the option lines, colour and
> others.. Could you tell me it?

These are all in the same place as the main xy.tex files. On my system, 
for example, the xyps-l driver (for PostScript line support) is in


> I think to have the drivers like xdvi driver because when I compile the
> "namefile".tex no errors appears and in my Tex Live the drivers shuold 
> When I open my .dvi file
> I have no different  thickness in my arrows
> I insert this in my file.tex:
> \xyoption{xdvi}
> \xyoption{line}
> \xy/r8pc/:*++\txt\huge{C}="c"
> ,0*++\txt\huge{P}="p",
> ,"p",{\ar@*{[|(1)]}"p";"c"<20pt>}
> ,"p",{\ar@*{[|(4)]}"p";"c"<14pt>}
> ,"p",{\ar@*{[|(10)]}"p";"c"<4pt>}
> ,"p",{\ar@*{[|(20)]}"p";"c"<-16pt>}
> \endxy
> What's wrong?

The xdvi driver only supports line thickness when you have PostScript 
enabled inside your xdvi (see the "XDVI Driver" section of the reference 
manual). This version of your document renders correctly for me with xdvi:

\input xy
% or just \usepackage[ps,xdvi,line,arrow]{xy}



> 2)I share a link to an usefull guide :
> http://akagi.ms.u-tokyo.ac.jp/input9.pdf

Thanks: nice, indeed!

        Kris [proud if I beat Ross to answering for once :-]

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