[Xy-pic] Fw: Xy-pic and Qcircuit

Kristoffer H Rose krisrose at us.ibm.com
Sun Mar 20 22:34:56 CET 2011

Dear Bryan,

> I've compiled each of the TeX files containing error examples using 
> a fresh Ubuntu 10.10 install, the 2009-10 version of TeXLive, and 
> Xy-pic 2.8.5 (I replaced 2.7 manually).  On this system, everything 
> produces the correct output except the fourth example.  Lots of 
> warnings are generated for all but the second example, however.  I 
> suspect that it is the handling of these warning situations that's 
> causing the problem on some systems.

The error report in the log file for all of the examples contain an 
explicit error like this one:

  ! Xy-pic error: No `pdf@@@' option.
  \xyerror@ ...#2}\fi \errmessage {Xy-pic error: #1}
  l.86   \makeatother\xyoption{pdf}
  Your \xyoption {pdf} request could not be granted: the required
  file `xypdf.tex' could not be located. Please make sure that it is
  properly installed before continuing.

This seems to suggest that your manual install of Xy-pic 3.8.5 did not 
quite succeed, in particular the proper PDF option is never actually 

When I try to run the example I simply get overflow errors resulting from 
the zero-sized round object, as Ross has explained elsewhere.


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