[Xy-pic] xymatrix and matrix

Aleks Kleyn Aleks_Kleyn at MailAPS.org
Sun Mar 20 21:30:46 CET 2011

It is look interesting. I think in first case I had all in one row because I
use \overline in the diagram. I remember when I did not use array in the
second example it was similar to first one. But it is not such important. I
think in this case xybox is very useful tool on this image.

Thank you very much

Aleks Kleyn

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Hi Aleks,

On 21/03/2011, at 12:07 AM, Aleks Kleyn wrote:

> However code
> \[
> \begin{matrix}
> \xymatrix
> {
> D\ar[r]|(.4){*}^{f_{1,2}}&
> A\ar[r]|{*}^{f_{2,3}}&
> A
> \\
> &&D\ar[u]|{*}_{f_{1,2}}
> }
> &
> \begin{array}{r@{\,}l}
> f_{1,2}(d):&v\rightarrow d\,v
> \\
> f_{2,3}(v):&w\rightarrow g(v, w)
> \\
> g&\in\mathcal L(A^2;A)
> \end{array}
> \end{matrix}
> \]
> has extra line before diagram. The picture looks little shifted. I 
> will appreciate any idea to improve image.

It isn't a line. It's simply how a multi-row diagram is placed, with a
particular proportion of height vs depth.

You can adjust this by wrapping it in an \xybox and aligning that, using
<object> modifiers; viz.

\fbox{% just to show the size of the diagram

See the attached image, to appreciate the difference that this produces, in
your example.

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