[Xy-pic] arc overshooting endpoint

Leslie Saper saper at math.duke.edu
Sat Mar 5 05:08:02 CET 2011


The following code produces two diagrams.  The first connects the origin
to point at <10pc,4pc> by a circular arc beginning with an angle of 45
degrees.  The output is as expected.  The code for the second diagram is
identical except the point is 1 pica higher.  But in the output the arc
overshoots the point by around 3/4 inches.


,{\ellipse ru,_{}}

,{\ellipse ru,_{}}


What did I do wrong?  Or is this to be expected and why?

I am using Xy-pic version 3.8.4 processed with pdflatex.  The output pdf
file may be found at



Leslie Saper

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