[Xy-pic] Background colour

Daniel Müllner nospamplease at stanford.edu
Mon Feb 21 17:11:39 CET 2011

Hi Damjan,

the following code does what you asked for:

\usepackage[matrix,frame,color,pdf]{xy} % or "dvips" instead of "pdf"
%\usepackage[all]{xy} also works for pdfLaTeX
   \xymatrix at C=1pc @R=3pt {
     *{r} & *{s} & *{t} & *{u} \\
     \infty & *=<0.5pc>++[o][F-][F*:yellow]{0} & \infty & \infty \\
     *+<1pc>{} \\
     \infty & \infty & \infty & \infty \\
     *{v} & *{w} & *{x} & *{y}

If this does not produce the yellow background disk on your computer, 
please update Xy-pic to the newest version (currently 3.8.5). I do not 
remember which Xy-pic version contained the xypdf version 1.4, in which 
I introduced the color support for the xypdf driver, so your Xy-pic 
3.8.2 might not have this functionality.



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