[Xy-pic] Braids diagrams

Matsaya Vishnu matsaya.vishnu at gmail.com
Fri Apr 29 23:16:38 CEST 2011

Dear colleagues,

I recently tempt to draw braids diagrams in xy-pic.
In fact, I even succeeded to do that, using the knot features.
But the code is fare away to be automated.

Hence I was wondering if it exists an (semi-) automated way to draw braids with xy.

As an example, here is the code that I have used :

\[\vcenter{\xy 0;/r1pc/:
    @={(0.5,-0.5),(0,0)}, @@{*{\vtwistneg}},(0,-2),\vtwist,
    @i@={(0,-1),(2,0),(2,-2)} @@{="save";"save"-(0,1),**@{-}}\endxy}
    \quad = \quad
    \vcenter{\xy 0;/r1pc/:
    @={(0.5,0),(0,-0.5),(0.5,-1)}, @@{*{\vtwistneg}},
    @i@={(0,0),(2,-1),(0,-2)} @@{="save";"save"-(0,1),**@{-}}\endxy}\]


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