[Xy-pic] color in xymatrix diagram spreads throughout document

John G. Bullock john.bullock at yale.edu
Sat Oct 9 21:29:07 CEST 2010


I am trying to color arrows in a diagram that I construct with Xy-pic 
v3.82 and pdflatex v1.40.4.  I find that coloring curved arrows also 
colors every subsequent object in my diagram -- and most subsequent 
parts of my document to boot.  I've looked for solutions in the Xy-pic 
documentation, but I haven't found any.  Can someone point me to what 
I'm doing wrong?

Here is a minimal example:

       X \ar@[red][r] & M\\
       X \ar@[red]@/^/[r] & M\\
       X \ar[r] & M

I want nothing to be red except the arrows in the first two lines of
the diagram.  The first line renders as expected: only the arrow is
red.  In the second line, the arrow is curved and red as expected, but
M is also red.  And in the third line, everything is red.

Thank you,

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