[Xy-pic] problem after 3.7 -> 3.8.1 upgrade (SOLVED!)

balducci at univ.trieste.it balducci at univ.trieste.it
Wed Jun 23 14:26:08 CEST 2010

Hello all!

eventually everything seems to have been fixed.

The last version of xypic.map  ACTUALLY WORKS: in my previous mail I
erroneously reported a failure because I did not run the updmap script
after replacing, as Alex Perlis most clearly suggested!! (My fault: this
is the consequence of doing always n+1 things at the same time...)

So, in summary:

=> the xypic.map distributed with 3.8.1 does actually have a problem (it
   does not work when simply saying: \usepackage{xy}; however, it works
   saying: \usepackage[dvips]{xy}. But it should work smoothly just
   saying: \usepackage{xy}, if I have well understood)

=> the last version (http://tug.org/pipermail/xy-pic/2010-June/000565.html) 
   of xypic.map works flawlessly, with both \usepackage{xy} and
   \usepackage[dvips]{xy} (if one remembers to run updmap after
   installing :))

I thank you all really very much for the help and apologize for the not
so straightforward way through this issue (well, in the end we seem to
have done a small step forward any way...)

Thank you again and keep developing xy-pic!!


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