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Kristoffer H Rose krisrose at us.ibm.com
Thu Jun 3 08:20:25 CEST 2010

Dear Xy-pic users,

As some of you may be aware, we have been preparing a fresh release of 
Xy-pic, and now it is official: Xy-pic version 3.8 is available from the 
Xy-pic project page on SourceForge, 
http://sourceforge.net/projects/xy-pic/.  Below the included TRAILER.


Kristoffer H Rose, ph.d. <krisrose at us.ibm.com> +1(914)784-7642 (fax -6324)
IBM T.J.Watson Research Center, PO Box 704, Yorktown Heights, NY 10598


This is to announce a release of the diagram typesetting package Xy-pic.
It has been more than a decade, so we find that a release is in order.


Xy-pic is a package for typesetting a variety of graphs and diagrams
with TeX.  Xy-pic works with most formats (including LaTeX, AMS-LaTeX,
AMS-TeX, and plain TeX).

Further specifics of the package are in the distribution README file
and other documentation.


The primary purpose of release 3.8 is to incorporate support for
proper PDF output by including Daniel Mllner's "xypdf" package using
native PDF for drawing.  The driver is integrated with most of
Xy-pic's extensions, however, there may still be gray areas where
support is sketchy, so please try your favorite diagrams with pdfTeX
and tell us if it works for you!  We're grateful to Daniel for having
contributed such a key piece of infrastructure that Xy-pic has been
lacking for many years.

This version also marks the first version where xymatrix entries are
aligned by their math axis by default as suggested by Alex Perlis (in
TUGboat 22 (2001), 330-334); thanks to Alex for the thorough analysis.
Please check whether your matrices still work as you expect!

Also thanks to Jeremy Gibbons for contributing the new "lu" style of
arrow tips suitable for use with Lucida, and to Scott Pakin and the
FontForge team for the great programs used to generate all Type1 fonts
directly from METAFONT sources.

Release 3.8 furthermore fixes a few bugs in release 3.7; do tell if
you believe that any of the "fixes" are really new bugs.

Finally, thanks to our loyal users; indeed if you enjoy Xy-pic then
please rate us on http://sourceforge.net/projects/xy-pic where Xy-pic
development is now completely in the open!


Xy-pic can be retrieved through the World Wide Web Xy-pic `home page':


Make sure to check that you have reached a version 3.8 copy (some
archives take a while to mirror the latest files)!

                           HISTORY & CREDITS

The first public release (version 1.40) of Xy-pic was created by
Kristoffer H. Rose, then at DIKU, U of Copenhagen, and distributed via
Usenet on December 19, 1991.  This quickly became version 2 of which
version 2.6 was stable for a few years.

The thorough rewrite that became version 3 is a continued
collaboration with Ross Moore, Macquarie U, Sydney, initiated through
a visit to Macquarie (Jan-May 1994 supported by the Australian
Research Council, Macquarie University, and using donated DEC
equipment).  However, full backwards compatibility is maintained
(except for the unavoidable but fully documented obscure cases).

Xy-pic is principally Copyright (c) 1991-2010 by Kristoffer H. Rose
and 1994-2010 by Ross Moore, with contributions by several others, all
under GNU COPYLEFT (GPL) which means that you can use the package for
any purpose but if you provide the macros or any code derived from
them to a third party then you are obliged to include the entire
Xy-pic package (full details in the file COPYING).  The FONTCOPYING
file details the special permissions to distribute fonts without the
full requirements of the GPL.


         This is the end of the announcement.  Enjoy Xy-pic!

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