[Xy-pic] a question about \xygraph

Felipe GAYOSSO MARTINEZ hellypoch at gmail.com
Tue Jun 1 18:47:48 CEST 2010

 Hello xy-p mailing list!

Recently I have installed the xy-pic package on a pc with f12. The
compilation of the following code doesnt show the pdf from the author.
Specifically the mistake is in names "a_1",..."b_5" and its edges "a1"-"a3",
because if i coment the name and edge assignations, the compilation works.

\[ \fbox{ \xygraph{
"a1"-"a3" "a3"-"a5" "a5"-"a2" "a2"-"a4" "a4"-"a1"
"b1"-"b2" "b2"-"b3" "b3"-"b4" "b4"-"b5" "b5"-"b1"
"a1"-"b1" "a2"-"b2" "a3"-"b3" "a4"-"b4" "a5"-"b5"
 } } \]

some from the .bug file :

! Use of \next@ doesn't match its definition.
<argument> ....2cm>::} !{(0,0) }*+{\bullet _{a}}="
                                                  a" !{(1,1) }*+{\bullet

If anybody have any suggestion, its good.
Many thanks in advance.
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