[Xy-pic] Xy-pic development has a new home!

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Tue Apr 20 01:31:31 CEST 2010

Hi Kris,

Thanks for all the info.  Looking forward to 3.8.

    including "upgrading" all the documentation to proper PDF files. 


    something impractical for TeX Live about the structure of the files in the 
    current xy-3.7 directory 

Not exactly impracticalities, but here's what I notice:

- please be sure the sources for the documentation are included.  I'm not
  sure if they are all there or not.

- many of the files in src/ seem to be duplicated in other directories,
  e.g., INSTALL.Textures, xy*.mf, ...

- pkfonts/ could be dropped as far as I'm concerned (we don't include
  them in TL), although if you feel like continuing to have them on
  CTAN, that's fine.

- relevant to CTAN only (not TL), it seems rather confusing to duplicate
  the doc output files between /macros/generic/diagrams/xypic/ and also
  in xypic-NNN/doc.  If you want the doc files visible at the level,
  seems like they could be symlinks into xy/doc/...


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