[Xy-pic] Xy-pic development has a new home!

Daniel Müllner nospamplease at stanford.edu
Fri Apr 16 01:54:01 CEST 2010

Dear Ross & all,

> For instance, pdfTeX has extra options to  \pdfliteral
> viz.  keywords:  'direct' , 'page' , 'enclose'
> which affect just what gets added to the content stream
> to ensure that it remains valid PDF coding.

Notice that "\pdfliteral page" is broken. The following is the copy of a
bug report which I sent to Han The Thanh in 2009:

When a "\pdfliteral" command is followed by a "\pdfliteral page", the
coordinates do not refer to the the lower left corner of the page any
more but to the current position. In the following minimal example, the
blue line should appear in the lower left corner as the red one does,
but instead it is at the same position as the green line.

\pdfliteral page {q 1 0 0 RG 0 0 m 100 100 l S Q}%red
\pdfliteral      {q 0 1 0 RG 0 0 m 100 100 l S Q}%green
\pdfliteral page {q 0 0 1 RG 0 0 m 110 100 l S Q}%blue

Even if this is fixed soon, flawed pdftex versions will be around for a
long time, which makes "\pdfliteral page" unusable, I am afraid. Anyway,
we won't need it for Xy-pic but other authors might have liked to
position graphics absolutely on a page.

> The notes on these, in pdftex.web, are :
> @# {modes of setting the current transformation matrix (CTM)}
> @d set_origin              == 0 {end text (ET) if needed, set CTM to
> current point}
> @d direct_page             == 1 {end text (ET) if needed, but don't
> change the CTM}
> @d direct_always           == 2 {don't end text, don't change the CTM}
> @d scan_special            == 3 {look into special text}
> @d enclose                 == 4 {like |direct_always|, but end current
> string and sync pos}

Where did you get your pdftex.web from? The source on


does not show the line with "enclose", neither does my pdfTeX 1.40.10
know this keyword.



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