[Xy-pic] New LaTeX package: xypdf

Daniel Müllner nospamplease at stanford.edu
Tue Apr 13 21:06:16 CEST 2010

Dear Ross, dear Kris,

thank you very much for your favorable comments on xypdf! As Kris
mentioned a possible 3.8 release of Xy-pic, I will be honored if you
make my PDF routines the default. You can count on my help with
integrating xypdf in case you undertake a new revision. As for
stability, I am currently waiting which problems or bugs users report
and then hopefully have a somewhat final package soon.

For the simple fact that e-TeX's \dimexpr primitive introduces a good
division, the arithmetic is much easier to do today than eleven years
ago when you coded Xy-pic. (That said, it is still an effort to
implement numerical algorithms in fixed point arithmetic with only the
four elementary operations available. But I am aware that TeX was not
made for that, and we are moving along the boundary of its numerical

Maybe we can get rid of the circle and dashes fonts entirely? I also
think that some of the arithmetic can be simplified substantially and
maybe speeded up, thanks to \dimexpr. But that would indeed require a
major revision of the Xy-pic code.

Best regards,



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