[Xy-pic] Arrowheads and pdf

Alexander Stasinski a.stasinski at dpmms.cam.ac.uk
Mon Jul 28 11:26:00 CEST 2008

Dear All,

I'm using \SelectTips{cm}{10} to get arrowheads in the standard TeX 
font. I have noticed that (La)TeX arrowheads appear differently 
(smaller) when the output is a pdf document generated by latexpdf, 
compared to the standard (in my opinion grotesquely large) arrowheads 
you get in a dvi output. However, when an xy-pic diagram is embedded in 
the document, the arrowheads in the diagram do not change, but stay 
large, and so look different from all the other arrows in the document. 
Is there a way to make the arrows in a diagram look like the other 
arrows in the pdf document (i.e. with smaller arrowheads)?


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