[Xy-pic] Problem on Xy-pic!

Ross Moore ross at ics.mq.edu.au
Sun Mar 4 09:37:40 CET 2007

Hello Wang,

On 04/03/2007, at 4:06 AM, wang_junchang at 126.com wrote:

> Dear Ross,
>  I am a phd student in Beijing Normal University and I am  
> typesetting thesis by your Xy-pic package methods. However, when I  
> input
> ;
>  \xymatrix{A \ar[r] \ar[d]& B \ar[d]\ar[ld]\\
> C\ar[r] & D}
> there are no arrows in the output , only  lines connecting A, B, C  
> and D.
> Would you please give me some ideas on the problem?

There is nothing wrong with that code snippet.
But the actual output depends upon what options
you have used when loading the Xy-pic package,
and how you are viewing that output.

Are you using a PostScript back-end?
If so, then arrowheads may not appear in a DVI-viewer,
but will be in the PostScript or PDF document,
after doing a standard conversion to these formats.

> (I can not download the files here.)

In the absence of seeing your full LaTeX source file,
the .log file for your job should indicate whether you are
using a PostScript back-end, by showing which support files
have been loaded, and with some other messages perhaps.

> Thank you!
> Best wishes!

Please reply to the Xy-pic mailing list, copied on this reply,
so that others may be able to help you sooner than myself.

Best regards,


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