[Xy-pic] Using macros in xymatrix

Andrew Clegg andrew.clegg at gmail.com
Sat Jul 28 11:24:58 CEST 2007

Hi Ross,

It's all working fine now, thanks very much!

>       \newcommand{\arrlab}[2]{\ar@*{[|(2)]}[#1]|*+[F]\txt{\tt #2}}
>    note the need for * after | here ----------------^^

You know, if I'd gone back to it now I'd have probably spotted this,
I've spent the intervening time fiddling with other diagrams and it's
all a bit more familiar now.

> In all of your uses of  \lab  it is the *first* thing within a matrix
> cell,
> so it is expanded immediately --- remember what I said about this!
> In that case, having the \drop or \POS is indeed wrong --- sorry,
> I didn't say this earlier, as I didn't know what you were trying to do.

Sorry, I thought you were saying with \drop or \POS it coudl work at
the start *or* elsewhere -- not a problem though because all of those
one appear on their own (either in labels or cells).

Many thanks for getting me straightened out on this.

I do have a couple of other questions, not urgent though, they can
wait for another day in case I solve them first.



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