[Xy-pic] moving the label away from the arrow

Baptiste Calmès calmes at math.jussieu.fr
Mon Apr 16 19:31:42 CEST 2007


I'm trying to use a label on an arrow, and to move it away from the  
arrow (because it overlaps for some reason). I have seen that there  
are options to change the positioning of the label along the arrow,  
but I can't find anything to move it away. Am I missing something?
Here is the code in which I would like to move the label away:
$$\xymatrix{ A \ar@{}[r]|{\subseteq}^{a} & B

As a replacement idea, I wanted to put the label on an extra  
invisible arrow that I would curve, but for some reason, if I curve  
an invisible arrow, it becomes visible. Is that normal?
Here is the code:
A \ar@{}[r]|{\subseteq} \ar@{}@/^/[r]^{b} & B

I tried the manual and searching the mailing list, but I can't find  
anything on this subject.

Thanks for any hint,


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