[Xy-pic] arrow head direction

r8yjke202 at sneakemail.com r8yjke202 at sneakemail.com
Mon Sep 5 17:54:07 CEST 2005


my way to draw automata is to define the state positions and then to draw the transitions, p.ex.:

%final state
(-5,30)*+{} = "i";
\ar @( l, r) "i"; "q0" <2pt>
\ar @( r, l) "q0"; "q1" <2pt> ^{\txt{$a$}}
\ar @(dr,ul) "q0"; "q2" <2pt>
\ar @( d, u) "q1"; "q2" <2pt> ^{\txt{$b$}}
\ar @(dl,ur) "q1"; "q3" <2pt>
\ar @( l, r) "q2"; "q3" <2pt> ^{\txt{$c$}}
\ar @(ul,dr) "q2"; "q0" <2pt>
\ar @( d, u) "q3"; "q0" <2pt> ^{\txt{$d$}}
\ar @(ur,dl) "q3"; "q1" <2pt>

The problem is, that in three cases the arrow head points to the wrong direction (q1->q3, q2->q0, q3->q1):


Changing the position of q1 and q2 slightly (+1pt to the right) leads to the right behaviour:


So, is this a bug or a failure in my code?



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