[Xy-pic] Re:Debian

Samy Abbes sabbes at isr.umd.edu
Mon Oct 24 17:39:28 CEST 2005

>   1. Debian (Pierre-Olivier Chasset)
>I am trying to use the xy-pic module on a 'GNU/Linux debian stable' 
>station. It seems that only examples taken from xyrefer.pdf are working 
>(partially). Others deliver failure or unwanted image. Do you have any 
>feedback on such an install.
>Thanks for any answer,
Hello Pierre-Olivier,
I'm very surprised by your report on XY-pic with Debian
stable. I'm now with Debian unstable and it works fine.
I previously used Debian stable and it also worked
without any problem.

Here is a suggestion:
are you using some babel language like

Unfortunately, there are some problems with XY and babel.
Browse the mailing list for more info.


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