[Xy-pic] Re: More on basic spacing

Geoff Russell geoff at austrics.com.au
Wed Jun 29 04:01:32 CEST 2005


The following works exactly as I'd expect - as opposed to the
example I posted using TeX \vbox es last night. The frames
contain the contents exactly and the spacing is 5pt as expected.

Geoff Russell.

------------- spacing example (processed with pdftex)
\input xy

\def\f{\save []*[F]\frm{}\restore}%
A\f &
B\f \\
\f\txt{AA\\BB} &
\txt{AA\\BB\\CC}\f \\
\txt{AAAA\\BBBB\\CCCC}\f &
\txt{AAAA\\BBBB\\CCCC}\f \\


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