[Xy-pic] More on basic spacing

Geoff Russell geoff at austrics.com.au
Tue Jun 28 13:55:21 CEST 2005


This follows Roger's question but also relates to my previous
question about "dropping". Ross has explained that the
syntax I was using wasn't quite right and that fixed the
problem, however I'm still a little confused about TeX boxes
in XY figures.

The following is a little like Roger's construct, but I'm framing
all the boxes. The frames around the \vbox es don't encompass
the whole of the contents, hence the spacing of the rows isn't
exactly like I would expect.

Why don't the frames frame the contents?


-------------------------------- sample file (run with pdftex)

\input xy

\def\f#1{\save []*[F]\frm{}\restore}%
\xymatrix@=0pt at R=5pt{
A\f5 &
B\f6 \\
\hbox{\vbox{\hbox{C C}\hbox{D D}}}\f1 &
\vbox{\hbox{C C}\hbox{D D}}\f2 \\
\vbox{\hbox{C C C}\hbox{D D D}\hbox{E E E}}\f3&
\vbox{\hbox{C C C}\hbox{D D D}\hbox{E E E}}\f4\\

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