[Xy-pic] A small xy query

Geoff Russell geoff at austrics.com.au
Mon Jun 27 09:20:18 CEST 2005


Is the behaviour of the following code correct?

On my TeXLive 2003 distro runing pdftex on the following

      1. AAAA A--->B BBBB

      2. AAAA A--->B BBBB   (but with the A ----> B dropped a little).

Why the drop?

Geoff Russell

------------------------------- sample

\input xy

1. AAAAA $\xymatrix at 1{A \ar[r] &B}$ BBBBB.

2. AAAAA $\xymatrix at 1{\txt{A} \ar[r] &\txt{B}}$ BBBBB.


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