[Xy-pic] xymatrix arrows in pdflatex

Roger Hart rhart at mail.utexas.edu
Wed Jul 6 04:40:01 CEST 2005

An observation and a question:

1) jaggedness of arrows:  I have been advised to use, and have been 
using, ps4pdf to typeset xymatrix diagrams because the arrows (that is, 
the lines, the arrow stems) were, in my judgment,  too jagged to be 
acceptable for publication. I discovered by accident today that one can 
solve the jaggedness by adding an imperceptible amount of curvature by 
adding something like @/u.1ex/, for example, in

\ar @{-}@<8pt>@/u.1ex/ [ddrrrrr]

2) arrow targets: I would like to set the arrows so that they begin at 
the DR corner of an object and end at the UL corner of the target. I've 
looked through the Reference Manual and Guide, but not found a 
solution, though I admit I've not been able to completely decipher the 
xy programming language. How can I accomplish this?

Again, forgive me if these are too simple.




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