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Kristoffer H Rose krisrose at us.ibm.com
Fri Dec 30 16:59:11 CET 2005

Dear Jean-Gabriel,

All document sources are in the source distribution 
(http://tug.org/applications/Xy-pic/soft/xy37src.tar.gz).  The User's 
Guide is in xyguide.man.  The reference manual is generated by the 
xyrefer.man file using "literal documentation" in the various *.doc source 
files.  Both use LaTeX but be warned that I was deeply into inventing my 
own macro notations at the time...especially the *.doc format might be a 
bit daunting.

You should be aware that there are already French Xy-pic guides "around" 
such as the nice http://zoonek2.free.fr/UNIX/11_xypic/ (even if it lacks 

Also, there are known issues with the Xy-pic use of special "active" 
characters and some French language packages, see for example 

Finally, the real place to ask questions about Xy-pic is The List, 
http://tug.org/mailman/listinfo/xy-pic, especially as I can find little 
time to work on TeX and Xy-pic these days.


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Jean-gabriel Cau <jgabriel.cau at gmail.com> 
12/30/2005 05:50 AM

kris at diku.dk, krisrose at tug.org, ross at ics.mq.edu.au

Package xypic

Hello ! It's been a while since I send you an e-mail asking if you could 
send me the .tex file of the xypic user's guide and xypic reference manual 
in order to translate them in french (excuse for my poor english, I do my 
I want to translate those files beacause I think it will help me to find 
my mistakes in several construction diagram for my lecture on the 
following purpose : Graph theory.
Thanks for your answer.

Jean-Gabriel CAU (french (La)TeX fan)

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