[Xy-pic] Using line styles extension with pdftex

Ross Moore ross at ics.mq.edu.au
Tue Aug 23 09:40:30 CEST 2005

Hello Armin,

On 23/08/2005, at 2:11 AM, Armin Goralczyk wrote:

> Hi
> I want to use line styles extension with pdflatex, but pdflatex  
> seems not to be an appropriate backend for line styles extension.  
> Is there any other possibility to change line styles when using  
> pdflatex? I use xypic to draw arrows onto graphics, but if the  
> graphics are large, the arrows are not thick enough. My graphics  
> are all jpg, pdf or png, so I need to use pdflatex (it is also the  
> standard in distributions for Mac OS X). Any suggestions?

Whenever I need this --- which is quite frequently actually ---
I use hybrid typesetting methods, such as  ps4pdf.sty
or  pdftricks.sty .

That is, use the ps/dvips back-end support for Xy-pic,
and encapsulate the diagrams that need this within the special
environments (e.g.  \PSforPDF{....} ).

Make a  latex  pass over your document (with appropriate modifications
to the preamble) that picks up just these special environments.
This creates an archive of images, each on a single page.
Use  dvips -e ...   and  ps2pdf  to get a PDF archive.
Rename this archive appropriately.

Now run the job with  pdflatex  .
The Xy-pic diagrams will then be placed as graphics, extracted from
the PDF archive.
This actually speeds up processing of your document, as the Xy-pic
diagrams do not need to be re-processed.

> Also I have encountered some problems with \color{white} command in  
> the xy environment. Depending on where I put it it changes output  
> significantly. I haven't recognized a pattern yet and I didn't find  
> anything in the xypic reference that would explain such behaviour.  
> If needed I can provide a minimal example.

Yes please.
I cannot visualise what kind of difficulties you are having.


     Ross Moore

> Thanks for help/advice
> Kind Regards
> Armin
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