[Xy-pic] Saving and restoring id-labels.

Mårten Segerkvist volodja at acc.umu.se
Thu Oct 14 08:34:16 CEST 2004

Thanks, Ross and and Gabriele!

As you might have already guessed, the problem was due to babel setting " 
as an active character when using swedish... I did a quick and ugly hack 
to remove the definitions from tex/generic/babel/swedish.ldf:

%\initiate at active@char{"}
%\addto\extrasswedish{\bbl at activate{"}}
%\addto\noextrasswedish{\bbl at deactivate{"}}

After which the example worked seamlessly.

I tried using \noextrasswedish, \english and \xyremovecatcodes as well, 
of which none worked; which is strange looking at the definitions from 

While writing this I received a suggestion from Gabriele (thanks!) to use 
\shorthandoff{"}. This wouldn't work with swedish though, as:

! Package babel Error: The character '"' is not a shorthand character in 

Looks like this is more of a babel thing than an xy-pic-thing, though. I'm 
sure there's some fancy way of doing it, but this obviously works well : )


> This looks like trouble with the " character.
> What other packages (e.g. Babel) and options are you using ?
> Is there anything that changes the \catcode of " ?
> If so, then you need to be careful about the order in which
> packages are loaded, and to be sure that " has the same
> \catcode  when the xy package is loaded, as it will have
> when you use \xymatrix and other Xy-pic commands within
> the body of your document.
> If you don't know what \catcode s are, then send me an
> example file that isn't working for you -- complete with
> the full preanble that you are using.
> Then I'll experiment a bit and show you what needs
> to be done in order to get everything working correctly.

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