[Xy-pic] Problem with curved arrows to circular regions

Bjarte M. Oestvold bjarte at nr.no
Mon Mar 1 08:41:27 CET 2004


I've made an xymatrix where curved arrows go between circular regions.
The problem is that the arrows are slightly short, i.e., they do not
quite reach their target.  (Squares are no problem.)  Here's a minimal
example of the problem:



\xymatrix at +7ex{%
  *+++[F]\txt{AAAA} \ar@(dl,dr)[]_{b}

Did I misunderstand something? Or can I rewrite my code to avoid the
problem?  (I'm using Xy-pic version 3.7 <1999/02/16>.)

Sorry if this is a FAQ -- I tried to find an answer.  If I missed it a
pointer to a FAQ-answer will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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