[Xy-pic] possible changes to ps extension

Vadim Yu. Radionov vadim at mccme.ru
Tue Jun 8 13:03:36 CEST 2004

Dear list members,

you may find this example noteworthy.  I'd better spend much more time
reading XYpic source files for correct solution, but this works in my
case.  In my diagrams, I lacked smaller hook tail like in
hookrightarrow, smaller "stopper" like in \mapsto and shorter dashes.
So the \special changes corresponding definitions from xypsdict.sty

Sincerely yours,



\newdir^{ (}{{}*!/-5pt/\dir^{(}}

       \xymatrix{A \hookrightarrow A' \ar@{^{ (}-->}[r] & B \ar@{|->}[r] &
C \mapsto C' }

\special{ps:  TeXDict begin @defspecial
 /XYdict where pop begin XYdict begin
 /fullhook{1 .8 scale 0 xysegl .5 mul 2 div dup -90 90 arcn 1 1 .8 div
scale 1 setlinecap}bind def /halfhook{xysegl
2 div dup 0 exch 180 90 arcn}bind def
 /stopper{gstartxy setupDirection 0 xysegl .7 mul 2 div  rmoveto
 0 xysegl .7 mul neg rlineto xystroke }def /st /stopper load def
 /dashed{gstartxy 2 copy dup mul exch dup mul add sqrt dup
 xysegl .7 mul add xysegl .7 mul 2 mul div round 2 mul 1 sub div [ exch
dup ] 0 setdash
 neg exch neg exch rlineto xystroke}def /dd /dashed load def
 end end  @fedspecial end}

       \xymatrix{A \hookrightarrow A' \ar@{^{ (}-->}[r] & B \ar@{|->}[r] &
C \mapsto C' }


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