[Xy-pic] Re: Bug (?) in xy.sty (Modified by Ross Moore)

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Thu Aug 26 11:15:30 CEST 2004

Hi Jesse,

On 20/08/2004, at 4:57 PM, Jesse F. Hughes wrote:

> Ross Moore <ross at ics.mq.edu.au> writes:
>> Would you please send me:
>>   1.  an example of a TeX document that causes you problems;
>>   2.  the .dvi  and  .ps  files generated from this example;
>>   3.  details of your platform, operating system, TeX application
>>       and anything else that might be relevant about your setup.
> Easily done.  I've appended each of these below.

Great; these helped a lot.

Here's a fix.
It's sufficient to edit two files:  xyps-pro.tex   xy37dict.pro
to have a site that works properly.
The same edit can also be done on   xyps-pro.doc
if you also have this 'documentation' file.

In each case, the line:

  /sethalftone where{/sethalftone load /tone exch def}if

should be replaced by:

  /sethalftone where{pop /sethalftone load /tone exch def}if

That is, just add 'pop ' in an appropriate place.

This will leave the PostScript stack clean after (and while)
loading the different parts of the Xy-pic dictionary.

Kastrup's fix does the clean-up at a later stage,
so is technically not quite as good; though in practice
it will usually have the same effect.

> As you'll see, the source file has almost nothing to do with xy, aside
> from the preamble.  This is the source I sent David Kastrup, author of
> preview-latex, and he described the problem above.
> I use a recent distribution of Slackware Linux.  It comes with
> teTeX-2.0.2, if I'm reading my package log files correctly.  I doubt
> there's much else relevant.

The archive at


has all of the known improvements to Xy-pic since the
last major (version 3.7) release.

You'll need to find the correct place in your teTeX tree
(or other TeX structure) to place the files in that archive.

> Thanks.

Best regards, and thanks for the bug-report


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