[Xy-pic] xy and prosper

Davide Sangiorgi Davide.Sangiorgi at cs.unibo.it
Thu Apr 1 16:08:51 CEST 2004

 I tried to use the Prosper package (for producing slides)
  with some latex stuff i have that uses the XY package. I therefore added the line 
 in the preamble.
 It did not work. It complains thus:
 ! TeX capacity exceeded, sorry [pool size=70947].
 As an attempt to solve this problem, i created a file texmf.cnf with the line
 pool_size = 300000 
 (in the past i had a similar problem with pool size when i was
  writing a book and i solved it  that way). It still does not work.
 As a try, i run the same slides using "seminar" instead of
 "Prosper" and it worked perfectly. 
 I also tried to replace "all" in   \usepackage[all]{xy} with some
 lighter options: it still does not work. 

 Any suggestions?


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