[Xy-pic] diamond-shaped frames

Maja Karaga karaga at math.hr
Fri Oct 31 18:13:49 CET 2003

Dear all,
I somehow got stuck with the problem of obtaining diamond-shaped frames
inside the \xymatrix command. For now, the only solution I've came up with
is following:

\newcommand{\match}{*=<3.4ex>[F-]{\txt{\scriptsize{$\hspace{1cm} $}}}}
\newcommand{\deletei}{*=<4ex>[o][F-]{\txt{\scriptsize{$\hspace{1cm} $}}}}
\newcommand{\insertix}{*=-<1ex>[F]{\txt{$\hspace{2cm} $ \\
\xymatrix@!=1.7pc{ & \deletei \ar[d] \ar[r] \ar[ddr] & \delete \ar[d]
\ar[r] \ar[ddr] & \deletei \ar[d] \ar[ddr] & \\
          \diame &  \diame  & \diamf & \diame & & \\
          \matchi \ar[u] \ar[r] \ar[uur] & \match \ar[u] \ar[r] \ar[uur] &
\matchiii \ar[u] \ar[r] \ar[uur]& \match \ar[u]\ar[r]& \matchii \\

which is not satisfactory from obvious reasons (for one, it works properly
only in .ps version, so please convert to .ps to see results.)
I would appreciate any help or suggestions.

M. Karaga,
Department of Mathematics,
University of Zagreb

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