[Xy-pic] bigoplus

Richard Lewis xypic at rtf.org.uk
Wed Oct 8 16:28:14 CEST 2003

Olivier Wittenberg <olivier.wittenberg at ens.fr> writes:

> I'm having problems with the following code.
> $$
> \xymatrix{
> 0 \ar[r] & \displaystyle \bigoplus_{x \in X} g_x \ar[d] \\
>          & M
> }
> $$
> The \bigoplus is not vertically aligned with the horizontal arrow,
> as it should be.

You need the magic "axis alignment" incantation:

(or, to adjust only the \bigoplus object, use

0 \ar[r] & *+!!<0pt,\the\fontdimen22\textfont2>{\displaystyle\bigoplus_{x \in X} g_x} \ar[d] \\
         & M

> I suppose this is a classical question, but I haven't found anything
> related to it in the archives.

Is there an archive for this list?  (and if so where? If not, perhaps
the list owning poeple would consider adding the list to gmane.org)

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