[Xy-pic] \xybox's in \align

Scott Morrison scott_m at uclink.berkeley.edu
Thu Nov 6 01:24:46 CET 2003

For some reason,

\xybox{(0,-4.)*\xybox{(1.5,8);(1.5,0) **\crv{(2.5,2.4)&(0.5,5.6)},

works fine, producing a squiggly line, but

\xybox{(0,-4.)*\xybox{(1.5,8);(1.5,0) **\crv{(2.5,2.4)&(0.5,5.6)},

fails, generating the error

! Argument of \next@ has an extra }.
<inserted text>
l.537 \end{align}

Does anyone know why? What's going on here?

(the xypic code is a little strange because I'm using Mathematica to 
automatically generate xypic code, using lots of nested xyboxes)

Thanks, Scott Morrison

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