[Xy-pic] Your tex problem

Michael Abbott michael at araneidae.co.uk
Sat May 10 10:07:56 CEST 2003

> > So far I can't figure out whether the problems I'm encoutering are bugs in
> > Xy or errors in my use.  Both of the problems I described in my first
> > posting today *look* like bugs to me; but then I despair of ever
> > understanding xy.  Each time I think I understand it, the next thing I try
> > breaks.
> Work through examples; e.g. in the Reference Manual,
> and in the LaTeX Graphics Companion.

Ok, I will.

Can you tell me though what I was doing wrong with the two examples in my
original question?

1.  When using xymatrix the bounding box came out completely wrong.  I
have encountered that problem before, without using excursions: I can post
an example if it would help.

2.  When using escapes for placement in xygraph the text of the escape was
typeset as well as executed.

Many thanks,

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