[Xy-pic] Vertical alignment in xymatrix

Vadim Yu. Radionov vadim at mccme.ru
Wed Mar 5 22:00:49 CET 2003

Hi, Michael and others!

Consider these lines for solutions to mentioned problems.

Entrymodifiers is a weird thing --- i faild to apply a modifier to
a single cell later.  But it aligns the arrow in the axis (actually,
shifts the entries).

@!R0 at the beginning of \xymatrix guarantees the fixed \xymatrixrowsep
distance between entries' centers, thus you can move it up by
the same amount.

Actually, i made no tests of the latter, just guessed.

As for punctuation, i use to put it in \rlap{} in the last cell.


This is a test \raisebox{3pc}{$\xymatrix@!R0{& C \\ A_1^1 \ar[r]\ar[ur] &
B \ar[u]}$}.

Yours, Vadim

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