[Xy-pic] Diagrams of digital LTI filter

Nicolas Ratier nicolas.ratier at lpmo.edu
Thu Jul 31 17:05:06 CEST 2003

With the precious help of Richard Lewis, I drawn the "Direct Form" of a FIR.
I send the result with the hope it will be useful for other EE scientist.
<keyword> : xypic xy-pic xygraph FIR DSP digital signal processing
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% The {\bullet} groups represent nodes
{\bullet}="start"-[r] {\bullet} (? -^{z^{-1}} [r]{\bullet},
                                    -^{h_0}    [d]{\bullet} -[r]{\bullet})
                   [r] {\bullet} (? -^{z^{-1}} [r]{\bullet} 
                                    -^{h_1}    [d]{\bullet} -[r]{\bullet})
                   [r] {\bullet} (? -@{--}     [r]{\bullet})
                   [d] {\bullet} (? -@{--}     [r]{\bullet})
                   [ur]{\bullet} (? -^{z^{-1}} [r]{\bullet} 
                                    -^{h_{N-1}}[d]{\bullet} -[r]{\bullet})
                   [dr]{\bullet} (? -[r]{\bullet}="end")
% Here we add `x_n' before the "start" node
% Here we add `y_n' to right of the "end" node
"end"!  {"end"  +R*+!L{y_n}}

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