[Xy-pic] Revisiting alignment problems

Henning Makholm henning at makholm.net
Sun Jul 6 16:05:32 CEST 2003

Scripsit Michael Abbott <michael at araneidae.co.uk>

> to adding the following line to my macro file with largely good results:
> 	\entrymodifiers={+!!<0pt,\fontdimen22\textfont2>}
> However, I have encountered a quirk that I can't see a solution to; can
> anyone else explain what's happening here?

With your entrymodifiers, the empty entry that you're using to break
your arrow still has its emptyness centered around the *baseline*
(because that's the kind of empty boxes TeX produces from \hbox{$$}).
Therefore it ends up below the axis where the horizontal arrow passes

It ought to help to bypass the \entrymodifiers for that cell by doing
something like

      \ar@{-}[rr] & *+{} & \\

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