[Xy-pic] updates to 3.7?

Jürgen Koslowski koslowj at iti.cs.tu-bs.de
Mon Feb 3 14:39:02 CET 2003

Dear xy-pic users, dear Ross Moore,

There have been some small adjustments to xy-pic files in the past,
specifically I'm aware of such changes to xycurve.tex and xyframe.tex,
which I have implemented on my home computer.  At school, I've asked
the TeX-wizzard to do this.  However, these changes don't seem to be
reflected in the xy-pic packages currently available at the ctan
sites.  Hence at school the danger ist that these changes could be
wiped out once a new TeX distribution is installed.  There may be
other changes I have missed.  Perhaps it would be possible to have a
3.7.1 distribution with all the fixes included, maybe even with a file
explaining their effect?  (One change concerned an undocumented feature,
\UseCurveFrames, which may be handy for other users as well.)

-- Juergen Koslowski

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