[Xy-pic] Tip sizes when using the slides class

Ross Moore ross@ics.mq.edu.au
Mon, 30 Sep 2002 08:54:43 +1000 (EST)

> The TeX below generates a diagram with minuscule arrow-heads.  I've tried
> \SelectTips, but that doesn't seem to make any difference.
> What can I do about this to get sensible diagrams on slides, please?

Xy-pic, with the default driver mode, creates graphics by combining
small pieces. These pieces are designed for normal printing, in books
and articles, not magnified for slides.

To get a good result with slides, you need to do either:

  1.  use the PostScript extensions, with a suitable driver;
     e.g.  \usepackage[ps,dvips,rotate,frame,all]{xy}
     and  \UsePSspecials   (if necessary)
     and \UsePSframes, etc.

     You will need a PostScript based viewer to see the results.

  2.  layout your slides on a paper-size reduced sufficiently
      to look good with 10pt fonts; e.g.  B7 or A6 size.
      Then view the results magnified to fill the window/screen.

     This is the best with pdfTeX/pdfLaTeX, which is currently not
     compatible with Xy-pic's PostScript extensions.
Hope this helps,

	Ross Moore

> \documentclass{slides}
> \usepackage[all]{xy}
> \begin{document}
> \begin{slide}
> Compare $\xymatrix{A \ar[r] & B}$ with $A\rightarrow B$.
> \end{slide}
> \end{document}
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