[Xy-pic] How to identify vertices.

Florent Madelaine florent.madelaine@univ-reunion.fr
Mon, 10 Jun 2002 14:22:21 +0200

I need to draw some graphs. However, since they are composed mostly of 
oriented cycles, I decided to use the polygon feature, hence getting a 
nicer display than with the graph package.
I need to consider homomorphic images of such oriented cycles; for 
example consider a 3-cycle and a 5-cycle with one common vertex. Is 
there an easy way of doing this with the polygon package ? (as the 
reference point of a polygon is its center and not one of its point, I 
don't really know how to move one polygon, say "tri" such that the 
vertex "tri2" is identified with the vertex of some other polygon, say