[Xy-pic] pullback symbols

Jürgen Koslowski koslowj@iti.cs.tu-bs.de
Thu, 6 Jun 102 13:56:45 +0200 (MEST)


Looking back at Andrej Bauer's message from 30 Jul 2001, I decided to
upgrade my own pullback symbols for matrix environments, which were
rather clumsy.  The following version allows you to specify any angle
relative to the object where the decoration is desired (potentially
useful, if your diagram is not rectangular).

\def\pb#1{\save[]+<12 pt,0 pt>:a(#1)\ar@{pb{}}[]\restore}

You can adjust the distance from the object by changing the dimension
"12 pt" in the definition.  Here's a (nonsensical) example:


-- Juergen

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