[Xy-pic] xy-pic color option and pdf

Jürgen Koslowski koslowj@iti.cs.tu-bs.de
Thu, 11 Jul 2002 15:36:04 +0200 (CEST)


Electronic conference proceedings according to Elsevier's entcs style
have to be submitted as pdf documents.  The suggested way of producing
these is by means of the dvipdfm utility (http://gaspra.kettering.edu/dvipdfm).
One feature of this is "active" references and hyper-links to online
papers.  The latter doesn't seem to work using the ps2pdf utility.

Now I have to problem that some of my xy-pic diagrams rely on
PostScript specials, namely rotation and color.  (The rotation is only
needed to make some diagrams small enough to fit the entcs margins.)
While I was able to use the color and graphics packages for LaTeX
successfully with dvipdfm, and the graphics package enables me to do
the rotation I initially used xy-pic for, I have not been able to
color arrows within diagrams with LaTeX's color package.  Objects and
labels work fine, though.  Any ideas, how to get around this problem?
In particular, how do LaTeX's color and graphics packages get around
explicitly calling for dvips and manage to work with dvipsm?  Perhaps
we need a specific dvipsm driver?

Here's an example, how LaTeX's color and graphics packages to some
extent collaborate with xy-pic, but fail to produced colored arrows:



%\def\rab#1[#2]{\xy *[@!#2]{\scriptstyle #1}\endxy} %% within xy-pic
\def\rab#1[#2]{\rotatebox{#2}{\mathsurround=0 pt$\scriptstyle #1$}}
\def\Ms{\vrule height07 pt width0 pt depth2.5 pt}

\xymatrix@C=28 pt@R=30 pt{
		\color{red}\ar@{=>}[d]|{\Ms T\mu_0\mu_1}
		\ar@{}[l]|-{\rab \color{green}T_0\alpha SS_1[300]}
		\ar@{=>}[d]|{\Ms T_0\mu_0T_1\mu_1}
		\ar@{}[l]|-{\rab T_0S_0\alpha S_1^2[300]}
		\ar@{}[l]|-{\rab T_0S_0^2\vartheta S_1[300]}
		\ar@{=>}[d]|{\Ms T_0\mu_0\mu_1T_1}
		\ar@{}[l]|-{\rab T_0S_0S\vartheta[300]}
		\ar@{=>}[ll]^-{T_0\alpha S_1}


-- Juergen

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