[pstricks] PSTtoEPS psclip error

Herbert Voss Herbert.Voss at alumni.TU-Berlin.DE
Sun Nov 28 09:22:50 CET 2004

Ewan Todd wrote:

> In the example below, diag.tex, the inline graphic \pic works fine,
> but the produced eps file is pretty screwed up.  You will notice lines
> in the diag.log that form pairs of error messages:
>   ! Use of \psclip doesn't match its definition.
>   ! Extra }, or forgotten \endgroup.
> that don't appear when PSTtoEPS is commented out.

I had no problems here, but you should use the package ps4pdf,
it makes life easier. With the script and the config file from
you can insert \savePics at the end of the doc to get _all_
PSforPDF environments as pictureXX.eps. At least you get
a file <filename>-pics.pdf
I'll send you both as private mail.

I played a bit with your code. multido is a nice tool.


\documentclass[letterpaper,12pt]{article} % could be (eg) article or report
     \def\Euler{2.718 }%
     \def\Scale{-0.01 }%
     \def\Pi{3.1415 }%
     \def\Radian{180 div \Pi mul }%
     \def\spiral{ 1 9 \Pi mul div t \Radian mul t cos mul -1 9 \Pi mul 
div t \Radian mul t sin mul }%
     \def\f{\gSP{180}{1620}}% pi / 2 to 9 pi / 2
	  \ifcase\iC green\or green\or yellow\or yellow\or red\or 
      \pstextpath[c](0,0.05){\gSP{1260}{1440}}{Low Level}%
      \pstextpath[c](0.86,0.05){\gSP{1260}{1440}}{Mid Level}%
      \pstextpath[c](-0.99,0.05){\gSP{1440}{1620}}{High Level}%
      \pstextpath[l](0.1,-0.125){\gSP{540}{720}}{Cycle One 
      \pstextpath[l](0.1,-0.125){\gSP{900}{1080}}{Cycle Two 
      \pstextpath[l](0.1,-0.125){\gSP{1260}{1440}}{Cycle Three 
     \psclip{ \pscustom[linestyle=none]{\gSP{180}{360}} }%
     \psclip{ \pscustom[linestyle=none]{\gSP{0}{180}} }%
}% end of savebox
}% end of ps4pdf

\caption{My Caption}

\savePics% saves all images as pictureXX.eps



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