[metapost] Elegant interactive environment for Metapost / metafont?

William Adams will.adams at frycomm.com
Tue May 8 17:47:57 CEST 2012

I'm looking at going back to work on a typeface project and want to (once again) look into re-casting the fonts as metafonts.

Is there a nice, elegant, interactive previewing tool optimized for editing a metafont?

I managed to find the MetaPostEngines.tar.bz2 which were posted to the OS X TeX mailing list a while back (but it puts lots of figure-text information on the .pdf) --- I'm vaguely remembering some Windows-specific tools though? Could someone re-fresh my uncertain organic memory or provide me w/ some search terms which will work?



William Adams
senior graphic designer
Fry Communications
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