[Fontinst] Tokens in 6th argument of \DeclareFontShape

Arash Esbati Esbati at gmx.de
Wed May 18 09:48:39 CEST 2016

"Lars Hellström" <Lars.Hellstrom at residenset.net> writes:
> But if it's the same snippet of code for all fonts in the family, then you 
> can just put it in the \DeclareFontFamily argument instead:
>     \DeclareFontFamily{T1}{erewhon-OsF}{%
>        \providecommand{\erewhon at sf}{}\erewhon at sf
>     }
> Slightly shortens your FD file. You only need to put it in the 
> \DeclareFontShape if some part of it is different for different fonts in the 
> family (e.g. the scaling of the fontdimen additionally is different for 
> different series, and the \erewhon at sf takes an argument that somehow adjusts 
> this).

Ah, thanks for this.  I had the impression that such snippets must go
into \DeclareFontShape -- \DeclareFontFamily is much easier and clearer.

Many thanks for your time.

Best, Arash

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