[Fontinst] Multiple Master Fonts and the Width Axis

Christopher Adams chris at raysend.com
Fri May 14 13:48:02 CEST 2010


Great advice as always. I was able to get a Multiple Master font to work
with font expansion.

You were correct in thinking that the map file needs to contain a line for
each instance of the MM. It seems I misread Thanh.

I also used your technique of suppressing the expanded instances from being
written to the .fd file, which seems to work fine.

Finally, the error with pdfLaTeX trying to generate an expanded instance of
some default font (ecrm1200+20) was a red herring.

It turns out I forgot to set the Multiple Master as the \rmdefault in my

As a reference, below is the code that would work if you wanted to use
Minion MM with font expansion in pdfLaTeX. Of course, final output will be
improved by adding more instances and using smaller expansion steps.


= = =
mmpfb --weight=400 --optical-size=12 --width=535 --output pmn/pmnr8a12.pfb
mmafm --weight=400 --optical-size=12 --width=535 --output pmn/pmnr8a12.afm
mmpfb --weight=400 --optical-size=12 --width=524 --output
pmn/pmnr8a12-20.pfb ZGRG____.PFB
mmafm --weight=400 --optical-size=12 --width=524 --output
pmn/pmnr8a12-20.afm MinionMM.amfm
mmpfb --weight=400 --optical-size=12 --width=546 --output
pmn/pmnr8a12+20.pfb ZGRG____.PFB
mmafm --weight=400 --optical-size=12 --width=546 --output
pmn/pmnr8a12+20.afm MinionMM.amfm

= = =

\input fontinst.sty





= = =

pmnr8r12 MinionMM_400_535_12_ <8r.enc <pmnr8a12.pfb " TeXBase1Encoding
ReEncodeFont "
pmnr8r12-20 MinionMM_400_524_12_ <8r.enc <pmnr8a12-20.pfb " TeXBase1Encoding
ReEncodeFont "
pmnr8r12+20 MinionMM_400_546_12_ <8r.enc <pmnr8a12+20.pfb " TeXBase1Encoding
ReEncodeFont "

= = =

\documentclass[a4paper, 12pt]{memoir}






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