[Fontinst] Multiple Master Fonts and the Width Axis

Lars Hellström Lars.Hellstrom at residenset.net
Fri May 14 12:39:16 CEST 2010

Christopher Adams skrev:
> Hi Lars,
> Thanks for your help as always.
> 2010/5/14 Lars Hellström <Lars.Hellstrom at residenset.net>
>> Christopher Adams skrev:
>>> What I don't see support for in fontinst is MM instances generated along
>>> the
>> width axis for use in font expansion.
>> If you're using \installfont level commands, you simply need to write more
>> of them (because you want to generate more fonts).
> What should the \installfont commands look like? Something like this?
> \installfont{pmnr8t12}{pmnr8r12,newlatin}{t1}{T1}{pmn}{m}{n}{}
> \installfont{pmnr8t12-20}{pmnr8r12-20,newlatin}{t1}{T1}{pmn}{m-20}{n-20}{}
> \installfont{pmnr8t12+20}{pmnr8r12+20,newlatin}{t1}{T1}{pmn}{m+20}{n+20}{}

I'd say n rather than n-20 and n+20, since there is no shape variation 
involved; the -20 or +20 in the series suffice for distinguishing the 
font (thus preventing confusion caused by declaring the same font 
twice). Hence:


An alternative would be


where the last two \installfont commands generate the fonts but make no 
FD entries for them. (This however relies on the fact that \installfont 
calls \installfontas, which has not always been the case.)

>> The only thing I can think of that might be potentially problematic is that
>> the above generates NFSS declarations for all the font widths: there's an m
>> series, a b series, an m+5 series, a b+5 series, an m+10 series, and so
>> on...
> I also took note of the fact that the Thanh states:
> Similar to Type 1 fonts, only the entry for the base font is needed in map
>> files:
>> pmnr8y12 MinionMM_400_535_12_   <texnansi.enc <pmnr8a12.pfb
> Following this instruction, I removed the other two widths from the map file
> before installing it.

I saw that too. Since he still _is_ generating PFBs for every width, I 
suspect "base" here means "not virtual" rather than "default MM 
instance". In that case, the ordinary fontinst-generated mapfile should 
be just right.

> Of course, I can get Minion installed, but microtype doesn't seem to
> discover the expanded instances. If I use the auto=false option, which is
> supposed to force the package to use the really-existing expansion steps, as
> in:
> \usepackage[auto=false,shrink=20,stretch=20,step=20]{microtype}
> pdfLaTex tries and fails to generate some different font on the fly using
> MetaFont. I've pasted the error below.

Hmm... It seems to complain already about the TFM, and it's a TFM for 
an EC font. Maybe you need to tell microtype to not apply for those 
fonts (or make sure they're not used anywhere in the document)?

Lars Hellström

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